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My husband dresses like a woman – how to deal with a Cross-Dressed man?

This post is “actually” over very quickly. The key words are communication and acceptance! Honest acceptance. Because if you don’t talk to each other now and behave in a solution-oriented way, or allow your partner to, but still constantly doubt, you can end the relationship right now. Sounds drastic, but it is so.

And I don’t mean that the relationship is over because the partner wears women’s clothes. It is much more crucial because the couple seems to have nothing to say to each other and does not talk *genuinely* with each other.

But this can also be worked on!

Better think before you speak

The most important thing in any relationship is to talk to each other. This is really nothing new and yet only very few do it *right*.

Either it’s the stressful job that drives a marriage to communicative ruin, or it’s the boring daily routine where it’s all about “who’s going to take out the garbage?” or “do we still have butter?” anyway. People only inquire about each other’s feelings because that’s the way it’s done. Nevertheless, there is only limited interest.

What the other person really feels or is thinking, what he or she is currently thinking about and what the wishes for the future are, are questions that are not asked very often.

And exactly there lies the problem! Probably the majority of all partners who catch their man wearing women’s clothes immediately think about whether the man no longer loves them, he is even gay or wants to change the sex. This is closely followed by the pressing questions of whether it is their own fault. Immediate doubts of having done something wrong or not being attractive enough.

And the longer we play something out in our heads, the more real it becomes. We maneuver ourselves into strange waters and get into abstruse streams of thoughts that don’t have to be, burden us and are even wrong.

Do you care – really?

And in the moment, when real interest is shown to him with open questions, insight into way of thinking and feelings is granted, a basic understanding can be generated.

And with interest is not meant that one must like it. Quite the opposite! We are all fundamentally different. Only the crucial question is, how much do we accept that the other person is different?

When I actively told my partner, because it simply belongs to me and is a big part of my personality, she instinctively did everything right. I myself told her in a relaxed setting. Loosely in a bar. Of course, it’s a big draw that I draw when I entrust her with such information. But she has a right to know! Because if it becomes more serious, the other case would be: she finds ladies’ panties. Not so great either, which might go straight through her head.

But how does it look when you (woman) then know? Do you then say you accept it? You accept *him*? Can we do it without reservations? Or is it forever written on our faces that we are just trying to understand, but actually deeply rejecting it?

“Just do it”

As the saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. And why enemies? If you would ask my wife how she finds it that I wear women’s clothes: Well, she just goes along with it. Sometimes she even picks out new things for me! And sometimes we just do a photo shoot with new stuff 😊. We have been able to integrate it wonderfully into our relationship, because it is also no big deal for her.

And through Amazon Wardrobe (affiliate link) we can even more “trying” and test without risk for 7 days. We’ve made quite a few catches there – yes, including them. Well and meanwhile I am even for the whole family a kind of influencer, what new feminine fashion.

Accept and really mean it

Because there is also simply the possibility not to accept it. Or to ask him not to do it in the presence. To agree that it is only private… he does it only for himself, or, or, or!

But who allows it, “allows” and then refuses it in the presence, the behavior is not consistent and it reveals immensely great difficulties in dealing with each other and in communication.

Life only comes around once, so do whatever makes you happy, and be with whoever makes you smile. Do whatever makes you happy!

Quote by Anonymous

How to possibly deal with it

Yes I say “possibly” and not, that you have to do it. There are many women out there supporting their men wearing women clothing. So her support isn’t something rare. But how she does it – is! She literally stands behind me and the  whole project for one hundred percent. She wants to protect me, and at the same time let me express myself and live the whole thing out. Sometimes my fantasy happens in our “private room” and sometimes I live it out all by myself.

What is important is what we feel and experience together and what makes a couple. Are we satisfied with ourselves? Do we define ourselves by appearances? The job or our luxury apartment? Is it the children? Or do we define ourselves as a couple only by the two of us?

And if that is the case, the heaven of love is open for all time and with all the quarrels, niceties and experiences.

Written by The man in dress

Since my youth, I have worn that certain something. My closest confidants may not know about it, but it still defines me. It is the freedom to do what I want and what "one" simply doesn't do. It makes me feel complete, accomplished and simply comfortable. Nevertheless, I am not what "one" would classically imagine such a person to be. Neither do I like people of the same sex, nor do I want to change mine. Quite the opposite. I am one hundred percent satisfied with myself and my body. And my partner, whom I love more than anything, feels the same way. She not only knows it, but supports me all the way. Now I am very happy that I inspire you. Whether you are just curious, a woman with a partner who does the same as me - or simply a man who would like to do but cannot or does not dare.

My new Book for you!

“Help my husband wear women’s clothes”. If this is on your mind or if you are the man yourself, then I have written a book for you. A humorous all-rounder with facts, figures and stories as well as real-life situations. You will get new perspectives on the topic and what you can do if your man wears women’s clothes, or if you are the man who does and you would like to teach your partner.

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